Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2008 May 30 - Canto Do Brasil

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The "Lunch Crews" trip to San Francisco on the Amtrak. With lunch at the Brazilian restaurant, Canto Do Brasil.

Waiting for the morning train. It was on time at 9:01 AM.
Leaving Stockton

The train follows the river from Martinez to Richmond. It is nice to be able to get up and move around. Elsa and I get a Diet Pepsi at the Café shop on board the train.

I-680 bridge from Martinez to Benicia

Carquinez Straits Bridge and The Nantucket seafood restaurant.

Someplace along the San Pablo Bay
We arrive in San Francisco right on time and Patti and Elsa immediately head into Nordstrom and do some shopping. The weather is great. The temps are in the low 60's and overcast. My kind of weather.

A random shot of people boarding the Trolley.

Patti and Elsa leaving their morning shopping.

We take the "F" street car to Van Ness making sure to get a transfer since that is our ticket for a Muni ride back to Nordstroms.

We get to the Canto Do Brasil at 1:00 PM.

Waiting for our food
We split two appetizers among the four of us:
Cod Fish Croquette

Brazilian Fried Calamari Sautéed in Garlic and Lemon

Elsa and I have the
The Traditional Brazilian Specialty A Stew of Black Beans, Smoked Ham, Beef, Sausage, and Garlic, Simmered All Day with Herbs and Brazilian Spices

Gobo has the
Fresh Red Snapper with Onions Sautéed in Lemon Juice with Savory Brazilian Spices

Patti is less adventuresome and has the
Fresh grilled fish fillet served with rice and salad

Here is a plate after lunch. I was too hungry to get a shot before.
Here is a link to the restaurants web site: Canto Do Brasil Web Site

We head back to Market Street and catch a Muni bus back to Ellis Street. The sun has broken out much to my displeasure. But the temperature is still very cool.

Elsa and Patti head to DSW to shop for shoes. Gobo and I head to Macy's. I then head over to Union Square to rest and people watch.

At the Food Court at the basement level of Bloomingdales we check out the desserts.

Elsa buying a Vanilla Bean custard cream puff

Too many interesting tid bits, but everyone passes
We had decided earlier to grab a sandwich for our return train ride home. We locate the Cable Car Coffee shop that has $3.50 sandwiches. It is located just across the street and at basement level even with the Nordstrom's food court and the BART station.

We get on the Amtrak bus for an uneventful ride back to the Emeryville train station.

Emeryville train platform. That is the California Zephyr
just pulling in from Chicago. Emeryville is the end of the line.

Our train was 15 minutes late waiting for freight trains to clear the track. We ate our sandwiches on the train ride back to Stockton and made it back home fifteen minutes late, but happy with how the day went.

Don I.
May 30, 2008


auntie el said...

And it was a fun day. Time for shopping was just right. I didn't buy so much I couldn't carry it, and my credit card balance is still reasonable. The food at Canto de Brasil was good and the music during lunch made me want to get right up and dance ( didn't do it, but I wanted to) and the train ride was very relaxing.


becca said...

Looks like a good place to eat. Taking the train is much more relaxing than driving, way to go!

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