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2008 November 11 - Market Club

2008 November 11 - Market Club, Sacramento
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The others arrive. Patti can not make today's lunch. Cars from left to right are Elsa's, Gobo's and Grandma's.

Today the Lunch Bunch Crew is heading to Sacramento to the Market Club Restaurant. Grandma wants the Tuesday special lunch of short ribs. So we will take a little extra time to drive to Sacramento since lunch starts at 11:00 AM. What I was to find out later is that breakfast ends at 11:00 AM, so I will not get my waffle.

Gobo looks around my garage while Grandma {just a nick name} is doing a cross word puzzle.

It is only a drive of 45 miles on Interstate 5, but I take a few back roads and get to the place at 11:00 AM.

This is the sign at the entrance to the Sacramento Produce Market. The Market Club is at dock 16.
Grandma is looking at the missing letters on the neon sign.
Now Gobo is a retired State Probation Officer who commuted to work in Sacramento for 25 years. He has eaten lunch many times before at the Market Club.

Here are five (5) photos of a few of their breakfast plates.

Hamburger steak and eggs
Pork cutlet and eggs
Hamburger royale over rice with some pickled daikon
I was going to have an old fashioned waffle. Here with a side of scrambled eggs and fried weinies
Another interesting breakfast, hamburger and fried onions over rice
We all order the Tuesday lunch special, short ribs with rice. You can also have it with mashed potatoes.

Soup, salad and rolls for a start
Grandma says that Elsa has a bigger serving
This is all that Gobo left on his plate
Grandma only finished about 40% of her plate. Note the bill, short ribs is the most expensive thing on the menu at $9.00. They have quit serving the vegetable to cut costs.

Here Grandma has just finished putting her leftovers in the box
The ladies leaving with their left overs
I took this while taking my after lunch smoke break. The Market Club is the brick building .
Okay. It is not quite Noon. So we decide to get some pastries. Pass by June's Café which has wienie teriyaki on her menu. Drive past the New Canton dim sum place. Do a little shopping at Oto's Japanese Market. Before heading home. That sounds like a lot but we added two other things and still got to my home at 2:00 PM.

Today's route in Sacramento

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Here we head into Osaka-Ya the Japanese bakery
Japanese pastries
From Osaka-Ya we make a left turn at the corner and pass June's Café.

By Kate Washington in Sacramento News and Review: June’s Cafe, a tiny lunch counter on a quiet street in what’s left of Sacramento’s old postwar Japantown neighborhood, gives new meaning to the expression “no frills.”

June’s is only open on weekdays and only for breakfast and lunch, so the busy may find it all too easy to miss.

The big paper menu is printed on butcher paper and stapled up on the wall. It features a range of basic, hearty dishes, including various sandwiches and plates with rice: ginger pork or beef, chicken with greens, other stir-fries, bacon fried rice, katsu (cutlets) and all manner of teriyaki—not excepting the slightly worrisome choice of wienie teriyaki {This is what I have when I eat there-Don I.}.

From there we head east about a mile and a half to drive passed the New Canton dim sum joint that is on our Lunch Bunch "to-do list". Then the two mile drive over to Oto's Japanese Market.

Oto's moved to this new location only about two to three years ago. It is much bigger than their old location a few miles up the same street
Looking at a jar of pickled daikon radish
Oto's also makes up lunch plates that are called BentoThe bentos have a meat or fish, some rice and some pickled vegetables
Fish counter
The Kobe beef. It is not real expensive at Oto's.
A lot of the pickled vegetables are now vacuum packed. Gobo decided not to buy the pickled Japanese vegetables made in China. Just was not right like buying canned chili made in England.
You probably did not know that there were this many varieties of soy sauce
The check out counter
A fancy toilet seat with built in bidet, etc
We run into Joann who is the daughter of my dad's golfing buddy. She now lives in Sacramento but grew up across the street from Grandma albeit she is quite a few years younger than Grandma.
We are heading home when we take a little detour to the Chinese bakery. It is right on the way home. Pork buns and custard tarts are what we bought.

The egg custard tarts are just being brought out from the ovenPork bun - egg custard tart

Another detour as two and a half miles west of I-5 about 10 miles west of Lodi is the Sand Crane Preserve. We get there at mid day the Cranes are plentiful early in the morning and at dusk. There are but a few quite a distance from the viewing area.
The end of another Lunch Bunch trip. We were only gone for about four hours and 15 minutes but managed to get a lot of things in today.
The next lunch will be a train ride to San Francisco in December for some Christmas shopping.


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