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2008 December 16 - Kandi's Pies

2008 December 16 - Kandi's Pies

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It is a rainy Tuesday. The Lunch Bunch is making a trek to Kandi's Pies and Pastries in rural Tracy. Two stops before we get to the pie shop. First at the Amtrak Station to pick up tickets for our train trip to San Francisco on December 19th. Then a stop for breakfast at the Four Corners Café on the outskirts of Tracy.

Today's route to Kandi's

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Point A is home, point B is the Amtrak Station, point C is the Four Corners Café and point D is Kandi's.

Four Corners Cafe with farmland in the background
The entrance to the cafe with a little grocery store just to the right

Today's lunch and dinner special. Note: Free birthday dinnerElsa and Patti - Gobo and Grandma were indisposed today
Pigs in a blanket before
Pigs in a blanket during
Both of the ladies had the pigs in a blanket. I had the veggie scramble, potatoes, onions, bell peppers, spinach and jack cheese.
We finally get to our destination. Kandi's Pies and Pastries which is in rural Tracy.
Kandi's Pies web site

I first found out about Kandi's Pies from Grandma. Tachella Fruit Stand in Brentwood sells Kandi's frozen pies during the Spring, Summer and Fall season. Grandma, who lives about two miles from Tachella's, had been buying Kandi's sugar free pies for a couple of years.

My cousin from Huntington Beach who visits mom often will take back about 5 or 6 pies each visit. Either from the Tracy Farmers Market or the retail store.

The front entrance
The pie display case many more pies in the back
The other goodies
A special Holiday cookie platter
Kandi taking a special order
From Kandi's web site:
Kandi's Pies and Pastries has been supplying fresh homemade pies and baked goods in the Tracy area for the last twelve years. Located on our farm in Tracy, we have a 1,700-square foot commercial kitchen set among our family’s orchard where we handpick our own fresh fruit to make our pies.

We currently attend the Tracy Farmer's Market every Saturday. It is located on Tenth Street and runs from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. through the end of November. We open the retail shop mid-November for the holiday season. We accept orders for all of your holiday baking needs along with our custom gift baskets.

The retail shop will have all of our regular items along with specialty items, including our fresh cream pies, eclairs, cream puffs, cannolis and our holiday cookies. The shop also has a huge selection of holiday items, including cookie jars, ornaments, musical globes, teapots and specialty teas.

Google Map Street View of Kandi's


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